New Release: Report Scheduler 3.0 Available

 Our newest release of Report Scheduler is now available as of August 1, 2015. Report Scheduler 3.0 is the first version that does not rely on:

  1. Attaching reports to Notes & Attachments, then
  2. Running a regularly scheduled batch process to "refresh" the report data before sending to your recipients. 

Our newest approach has been tested heavily and we are proud to share with you that it's been 100% reliable, accurate and timely with unlimited scheduled reports per hour.

In this initial release the only deliverable format is .csv with HTML table of your data int he email body. We are expecting to enable .pdf and .xls format by August 16th.

Also, there is a hard limit of number of records per report. No more than 2,000 records will be delivered in a scheduled report. For example, if your scheduled report queries 5,000 records, your recipients scheduled report will only contain the first 2,000 records. This is a Salesforce limitation. Technically, we know exactly how to accomplish sending thousands more rows, but this would require us to extract your data to our own servers,to process and send the report. We are NOT willing to consider this option at this time. We will continue to explore ways to deliver more rows of data and will keep you posted as to updates on this topic. 

Salesforce is having some issues with their new Publishing process so we've been unable to publish this upgrade to the AppExchange. Please write us at to Request your upgrade. We will have to set up a GoToMeeting, then share your screen, and hand over keyboard control to CRMGuidance, then we can install our newest version.

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Is "Printable View" on the roadmap for Scheduler 3.0? 

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