New App: Stripe Connector 1.0 Scheduled for Beta Release

We have a new App coming out and its available for Beta testing beginning August 17, 2015. The Stripe Connector is designed for Salesforce ISV Partners using Stripe to process that AppExchange transactions.

The Stripe Connector will insert key Stripe Event fields to your Leads and Opportunities. Key Events include:

  1. New Customer - Updates Lead Object with Stripe Customer ID, SF Org ID, SF User ID, Install Date
  2. Customer Updated - Inserts Trail details, App Name, Amount, Cancellation details, etc.
  3. Payments Made - Inserts all relevant successful payment details: Amount, Fees, Invoice ID #, etc.
  4. Payment Failed - Inserts all relevant failed payment details: Attempt #, Invoice ID #, etc.
  5. Transfer Paid - Inserts all relevant deposit details
  6. New Dispute - Inserts all relevant Dispute details through the entire cycle, from your first dispute notice, through dispute closure

Set-up is less than 10 minutes. And we've added a few features to simplify syncing your old Stripe data into Salesforce. We have a batch process that will fetch Stripe records to match/update your Lead record.  With regards to your Stripe records that have already made it to your Opportunity Object, we have really simple process for fetching all of the related  payment history and updating these details to Payments.  With 2 clicks on any Opportunity record containing the Stripe Customer ID you can find all of the related payments, review them and then in less than 2 seconds, post those payments to Salesforce. We've included a roll-up summary field that posts the total value to the Opportunity.

For those of you have a fairly seamless Trial to Customer process, we recommend you also take a look at our App "Auto Convert Leads". This app will automate converting your Leads to Account, Contacts and Opportunities, based on any rules you want to set on your Leads Object. This is important because our Stripe Connector will only post Payments to our custom Payments Object, which is related to the Opportunity Object.

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