If you have created a Workflow Rule then added a Workflow Action type of "Email Alert", but your recipient is not receiving the email alert, follow the order of these trouble shooting steps, and you should be able to resolve this issue:

* This first step should be used anytime you feel there is an error with one of our Workflow Actions not firing off when it should.

  1. Make sure you're on the current version of Workflow for Professional Edition. You can verify your installed version by doing this:
    1. Go to Setup > Installed Packages, then find Workflow for Professional Edition
    2. Look to the fourth column for "Version Number"
    3. Write this version number down
    4. Click on this link Workflow for Professional Edition
    5. Go to the "Details" tab
    6. Look for "Package Details" located in the mid right side of that page. and look for "Version: _____/____ "
    7. If your version doesn't match this version: (If your version does match this version number, skip the next 5 steps, and go to #2 below):
      1. Click on Login link in the upper right hand part of this page, using your standard Salesforce Credentials to login.
      2. Click on the smiley face, then, on the drop down menu and select "My Accounts"
      3. Go to Workflow for Professional Edition, and click on "Upgrade Available"
      4. When the installation is complete you're done with these steps.
      5. Create a new test record that meets your Workflow Rule criteria.
  2. Make sure the Email Template you added to the the Email Alert is marked as "Available For Use". If it is not marked as available, your Email Alert will fail to send.

  1. Make sure the Object you're working on has been enabled for Activities. If Activities has NOT been enabled, Workflow for Professional Edition cannot send email alerts. Talk to your System Administrator and have him/her enable Activities for this Object. To determine whether or not your custom Object has Activities enabled, follow these steps:
    1. Got to Setup > Create > Objects
    2. Click on the name of your Custom Object
    3. Look for "Track Activities"

  2. Create a Custom List View that matches the exact same criteria as your Workflow Rule. This will help to validate whether or not the Workflow Action should have fired off.
  3. Verify your timeline. As of August 1, 2015, our Workflow Engine only fires off every 30 minutes 24 hours per day starting at the top of the hour. i.e. 8:00 AM, 8;30 AM, 9:00 AM, 9:30, etc. Make sure you are not expecting the Workflow Action to fire off before enough time has elapsed.
  4. Go to the Workflow Rule Detail page, on the rule that's not firing off. Click on the Email Alert "Description" name. This will take you to the Alert. Find the name of the Email Template that your Alert is connected to.

  5. If you are  Loading Data to trigger email alerts? If you are uploading spreadsheets with the expectation that Workflow for Professional Edition will fire off hundreds emails, Please make sure that you are not exceeding your daily Salesforce limits.Salesforce collection limit is 1000  "The daily limit for emails sent through email alerts is 1,000 per standard Salesforce license per organization" https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=workflow_email_limits.htm /  https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=limits_email_general.htm&language=en_US

    Look at reducing the number of records in your csv file, then loading your data in smaller chunks.