If you've created a Workflow Rule that is supported by a field update, and it doesn't seem to be working as you expected, follow these steps to resolve.

*First, always know that our Workflow engine only runs every 30 minutes beginning at the top of an hour. i.e. 8:00 AM, 8:30 AM, 9:00 AM, 9:30 AM, etc. Make sure you've allotted enough time for the Workflow Engine to execute your Workflow Action.

  1. Create a Custom List view using the exact same criteria on the list view that you used on your Workflow Rule. Are there any records appearing in your List View? If not, you do not have a record that qualified for the update yet. If so, follow these steps:
    1. Make sure the field that you are expecting to update is visible on one of the columns on your list view
    2. Make sure you have the ability to "Inline Edit" on list views
      1. If you do not have your Administrator modify your settings to enable Inline Editing
    3. Once you are able to Inline Edit from your list views, find your "update" field and double click on it to set it in "edit" mode. Click Save. The goal is to see if you can update this field without generating a validation rule error. If you get an error. This is the reason our Field Update is not working.
      1. Analyze your validation rule to consider creating a NEW Workflow Rule that incorporates the same logic as your validation rule. This way our trigger won't try to update a field based on logic that prevents it from delivering successfully.
    4. If you are able to successfully update this field, then there does not appear to be a validation rule blocking this update.
    5. Double check this by going the object for which this Field Update is suppose to occur.
      1. If this is a Standard Object:
        1. Go to Setup
        2. Customize
        3. Object Name
        4. Validation Rules
        5. If you have any Validation rules here, have your System Administrator validate the scope of this rule.