Yes. The most common request we get for TaskRay is "How do we create a TaskRay Task with Workflow for Professional Edition?

The answer is to use the Workflow Action "Create A New Record". So first, create your Workflow Rule conditions. Next select "Create A New Record" from the Workflow Action section.

The screenshot below shows you how to map fields from the TaskRay Project to the TaskRay Task. To do this, there are a few key things to know about Create A New Record:

  1. Because TaskRay Objects are all Custom Objects in your Salesforce org, you'll need to navigate to create a field set on the TaskRay Task Object. Go to Setup > Create > Objects > TaskRay Tasks > Field Sets
    1. Create a new Field Set and name it "Default"
    2. Drag and drop the fields you want listed in the Field Set that
      1. These fields will be populated based on values that we will get from the TaskRay Project fields.
    3. NOTE: Include all TaskRay Task REQUIRED fields
  2. Name your New Record, the select the Target Object "TaskRay Task"
  3. Do you see item #1 below? This is where you will select field names from your TaskRay Project. Once you select a field, the api name for that field will appear below.
  4. Copy and paste that value to the matching field in the lower section.
  5. NOTE: Because "Project" is a lookup field on the TaskRay Task Object, you cannot manually type a text value to lookup fields.  Project field highlighted by arrow item #2. The field you select from the list of TaskRay Project field names TaskRay Project: TASKRAY__Project__c
    1. You can manually type in the desired value on Text Fields, Picklist fields and number fields. As an example, we manually input values for the items highlighted as arrow #3