There are three reasons that our clients will see the List Index Out of Bound error message.

  1. Large amount of data: Since we were forced to move to the Salesforce Analytic API, we are now limited to delivering only 2,000 rows of data in each report. So, if you click on "Send Now and Schedule" you will see this error. Clicking on "Schedule" will allow you to save the Schedule Report (you will not see this error). But when the Report is sent it will only include 2,000 rows of data.
    1. Resolution: Add filters or update the "Time Frame" value in the source report to reduce the potential data output.
  2. Too many dynamic filters or incorrect filter parameters in the source report: The more complex and the more number of actual filter rows, the more likely it is that you will see this error. We've seen customer successfully use 8-10 filters, but that number reduces with complex "if, or, and" filter logic.
    1. Resolution: Replace these filters with one formula field on the source object. By creating a formula field on the source object, you can render a True or False value on your object. From there, create 1 filter on the Report. The filter should point to your new formula field; for example "New Formula Field" equals True. <<Contact>> if this doesn't make sense to you.
  3. ReportID is incorrect: Sometime our customers has inadvertantly deleted the soruce report, or someone has manually inserted the Report ID in the scheduled report.
    1. Resolution: Search on the name of the source report, then if found, compare the ReportID's. Make sure there's a perfect match.