No. A User can still use our app to create meetings and or invite Leads/Cotnacts to existing GoToMeetings, even if they don't have their own unique LogMeIn account.

There are two ways that your users can interact with our GoToMeeting Integration App, whether the user has LogMeIn credentials/account or not.

  1. If you have multiple users who share the exact same LogMeIn login credentials, have each of these users follow the user setup steps. Go to the GoToMeeting User Setup tab and follow the instructions. Each user that uses this App must connect with LogMeIn by authenticating from Salesforce to GoToMeeting with a valid LogMeIn username and password.
  2. Users who do NOT have their own LogMeIn license or a shared  LogMeIn license can schedule meetings for other users who do have a valid LogMeIn license and have authenticated via Salesforce. Please direct these users to using the "Scheduled a Rep" button found on Lead, Contact, Account and Opportunity Objects. <<See Video below>>