Yes.  If you want to add Email Attachments to your Custom Objects, we've made it really simple for you. Follow these steps to add a custom button for Email Attachments to any of your Custom Objects:

  1. Go to the "Email Attachments Settings" tab
  2. Select the name of the Object you want to add Email Attachments 
  3. If you have any custom activity fields in your org, you can choose to have them appear on your Email Attachments page, select the fields from the section labeled "Email Attachments Display Task Fields"
  4. Click on the "Generate URL" button
  5. After creating your button, you must go to your custom object and add the new button to your page layout
  6. For each Custom Object where you would like to add an "Email Attachments" button, repeat the same steps

Once you select your Object then click on "Generate URL, you will see the step by step instructions on the page:

Copy this button URL, then follow the instructions to create your new "Email Attachments" button:

1. Go to Setup | App Setup | Customize | Activities | Task Buttons and Links, then click on New Button or Link
2. Display Type = 'List Button'
3. Behavior = 'Display in existing window without sidebar or header'
4. Content Source = URL
5. Paste the button URL into the large text field
6. Click on 'Save'

To make your new button visible on your custom object page:

1. Go to Setup | Customize | Objects | Select Your Custom Object | Page Layouts
2. Go to Activity History
3. Click on the mall ""Wrench icon
4. Click on "Buttons"
5. Go to "Available Buttons"
6. Add to Selected Buttons
7. Click OK
8. Click on Save"