Every now and then we want to send out a few different types of customer notifications towards the end of the business day. Is there any way that we can control what time of day an email alert goes out?

ABSOLUTELY!!!! But the first thing you'll have to do is add a new formula field to your object. The new field will be Time of Day.

Use this formula to create the hour of day, based on the military time table:

Name of Field: Hour of Day

Formula Details: VALUE(MID(TEXT(NOW()),12,2)) - 8

Type: Number, no decimals

Other Details: Time of Day will reflect in military hours: 0 - 24; For example:

  • 2 AM = 2
  • Noon = 12
  • 4 PM = 16

If you are in the eastern time zone change - 8 to - 5. Mountain Time zone change - 8 to - 6, Central Time zone, change - 8 to - 7

Next, whatever rule you're writing, be sure to use "Time of Day" in your Workflow Rule criteria.

Here is what the rule looked like for one of our customers who wanted to send out a Late Notice at 3 PM, when other criteria were met:

NOTE: In this particular scenario we're using Evaluation Criteria Option 3, because any given record can repeatedly match the criteria over its lifespan.

We have to created two workflow rules to make this work effectively:

Rule 1:

  • Workflow Rule
    • Notification Sent = False; AND
    • Time of DAY = 15; AND
    • Other Field = ________
  • Evaluation Criteria
    • Option 3
  • Workflow Actions
    • Send Alert
    • Update Notification Sent to True

Rule 2:

  • Workflow Rule
    • Notification Sent = True; AND
    • Time of Day = 16
  • Evaluation Criteria
    • Option 3
  • Workflow Action
    • Update Notification Sent to False