Release Notes

  1. Includes NEW Rich text fields on the Easy Opt Settings tab, in the "Unsubscribe Campaigns" section
    1.  Field Named: Header - Enables user to manage the content that appears on the Campaign Opt Out page
    2. Field Named: Footer - Enables user to manage the content that appears as the footer content on the Campaign Opt Out page
  2. Provides a NEW "Unsubscribe Web page" for email recipient to Opt-Out or Opt-In. This new web page is directly related to your Salesforce Campaigns
    1. This Visualforce web page will display a list of Active Campaigns where user is a Campaign Member for Opt Out and is NOT currently a member for Opt-In
    2. NOTE: Active means the following: On your Campaign record, the field name Active = True .. This means even if your Campaign dates have expired, Easy Opt will still consider it to be active. If you do not want these Campaigns to display, please write a workflow rule that deselects "Active, if the Campaign expire date is less than today.
  3. Includes an "Unsubscribe from All"
    1. Enables email recipient to unsubscribe from all active campaigns to which the recipient is a member
  4. Provides an Opt In" Option: Enables the email recipient to select Campaigns to which he/she is not a member
    1. On select, Easy Opt will add your contact as a member to the corresponding campaign

Set-up Steps

  1. After installation or upgrade customer needs to create a sites page
    1. Go to Setup > Develop > Sites
  2. Add our package page to site
  3. Create an Email Template and add the url of that site public page to unsubscribe
    1. To create or modify your email templates to include your Easy Opt Unsubscribe links, go to Setup > Communication Templates > Email Templates