If you recently upgraded to 3.0 or greater, you'll notice there is a new tab "Schedule Reports - New". Due to architectural changes to Salesforce Winter Release 15, we were forced to change our method for fetching data. Because of this change PageReference to getContent with query string parameters in batch apex is causing issues as SF no longer will pass query string parameters when call getContent from batch apex.

As a result we were forced to rely on the Salesforce Analytic API when fetching report data; hence the "Scheduled Reports New". This change comes with Salesforce limitations.

As of January 2016, we can no longer deliver "Printable View" reports and Scheduled Reports are limited to 2,000 rows of data. We are working with Salesforce to get around the limitations, but for now, there is nothing more we can do.

To move your current scheduler reports to the Scheduled Reports - New tab, follow these steps:

After installing, you should use the Scheduled Report "New" tab to create your Scheduled Reports. You can auto migrate Scheduled Reports from old tab to new by doing the following:

  • Go to Setup > Create > Objects > Scroll down to "Search Layouts" > Click on Edit Scheduled Reports List View
  • Highlight "Create Scheduled Reports New" in the Available Buttons section, then
  • Click on "Add" > Click on Save > Return to Scheduled Reports list view of All Active Reports.
  • Select only a few reports to test migrating them to the New tab
  • Click on theĀ  "Create Scheduled Reports New"

  • Make the Reports you selected "Inactive" so as to not send duplicate Reports
  • Once you are satisfied with the results of this migration, return to the Scheduled Reports list view of All Active Reports. Select the remaining "Active" reports and repeat steps above