1.  Check the Scheduled End Date: is the scheduled report still "Active"
  2. Check the credentials on the "Scheduler Settings" page. Is the user 'Active".
    1. If user is no longer an Active user in your org, please update with an Active Users credentials, noting that this user MUST have the Standard Profile  "System Administrator". (Cannot be a Custom Profile)
  3. Has the password to token changed for this active user? Anytime the token or the password changes for the credentials being used on this page, you MUST ALSO change them here
      1. NOTE: When adding the Token, DO NOT append with the password
        1. Token field: enter TOKEN ONLY
        2. Password field: enter PASSWORD ONLY
    1. Anytime you update your credentials, please be sure to click on "Save"
  4. Check the location of the source report: If the report is in a users "My Custom Folder" it will not send
    1. All scheduled reports must reside in a "Shared" folder, accessible to the "Submitted By" user of the Report Scheduler. Make sure all "Scheduled Reports" are shared with this user.