We've intentionally made it difficult to modify your Workflow Rule after creation. The reason has to do with limitations that exist in Professional Edition. Trust us, we're saving you a major headache by asking you to create a new rule, rather than enabling you to edit the rule. But for those of you are understand SOQL Queries, here is how you can get your rules back in Edit" mode to make changes.

We warn you though, if you are not technical and not how to manage SOQL Queries, AVOID touching the Query fields once you've completed the following steps. Non technical users feel free to change the Rule Name, Description and Evaluation Criteria, AND NOTHING ELSE!

  • Open the actual workflow rule
  • Copy the Workflow ID from within the url
  • Delete every character following force.com/
  • Paste the WF url Id after force.com/
  • Following the WF ID append the url as follows: /e?nooverride=1
  • Should look like this:
  • Hit "Enter"