Yes, you can. But it is very important that you understand the following fact when using "formula fields" as part of the rule criteria.

Fact: Formula fields do not change the Salesforce Last Modified time/date stamp. Therefore, your MUST use "Option 3" as the Evaluation Criteria, because Option 3 DOES NOT require a record to be MODIFIED in order to execute your rule.

This is what we mean when referring to Option 3


Also note: When using option 3, you must build your Workflow Rule such that after the Workflow Action has executed, your qualifying Salesforce record no longer meets your  rule criteria. If you don't follow this step, your Workflow Action will execute repeatedly, every 30 minutes.

Contact us directly if you need help with this, but here is an example of how a properly designed Workflow Rule looks when it involves using formula fields and or option 3 of the Evaluation Criteria

The following workflow rule will send one email alert 7 days before Demo Date on or just after 10 AM

Sample Rule Criteria

  1. Days Days  Payment Due = 7  (This could be a formula field)
  2. Hour of Day = 10 (This could also be a formula field)
  3. Status = Invited to Demo
  4. Demo Reminder Sent = False

Evaluation Criteria = Option 3 has been selected                  

Workflow Action(s)

  1. Email Alert: Send Alert to "Lead Email" field
  2. Field Update: Set "Demo Reminder Sent" to True

Notice there are two Workflow Actions. The email alert, and the field update. The field update changes a key value on the Lead record, so that it no longer meets the rule criteria and communicates to the Lead Owner that the alert was sent.

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