• By default, the Submitted By user for Workflow is the user who installed our App 
  • The Submitted By user is considered the "OWNER" of the batch process that is running our App
  • The Submitted By user MUST be an Active user and MUST have a System Administrator Profile
  • If your Submitted By user is NOT Active, workflow will not work

What to do if you need to change Submitted By user name?

Immediately follow the instructions below if your Previous Submitted By user is no longer an active user in your Salesforce org

FIRST. Don't disable the current Submitted by User until AFTER you switch to the new Submitted by User. If you have already deactivated this person, then ignore the next comment. 

Switch the submitted by user somewhere between 10 minutes and 20 minutes after the hour; or 40 and 50 minutes after the hour; i.e. 1:10 to 1:20 or 1:40 to 1:50. This is to avoid the disruption of your current workflow rules.

Instructions for changing the Workflow Submitted By user.  ****** Only a System Administrator should execute this series of steps  ******

1. Go to the Workflow Setup tab and select "Workflow": To get there go to your App menu in the upper right navigation next to your name and the Help Menu. 

2. Once you select "Workflow" from the App menu you should see a whole new series of Salesforce Tabs. Click on "Workflow Setup"

3. Click on "Stop Workflow"

4. Go to Setup > Monitoring > Scheduled Jobs

5. Find the workflow batches where "Job Name =  Workflow Hourly Scheduler 1, Workflow Hourly Scheduler 4

6. Delete both Scheduled Jobs

7. Immediately go back to the Workflow Setup tab

8. Click on "Schedule Workflow"

9. Done: Once you've completed Step 8, your batches have now been renamed to your name as the Submitted By user.