The Co-Pilot subscription fee is considered an Enterprise License



  • There are 2 pricing options:
    • Option 1: Monthly Subscription: $400//Month/Per Salesforce Org (50% discount for early adopters prior to January 1, 2019)

    • Option 2: Annual Subscription: $4,800/Year/Salesforce Org (50% discount for early adopters prior to January 1, 2019) 


If you have already installed Co-Pilot skip the next section "Installation Step 1" and page down to Post Installation Step 2


Step 1 - Installation

Estimated Time/Effort: 2 minutes/ Simple

After clicking on "Get it Now" from the Salesforce AppExchange, you will be prompted to define who can see the Co-Pilot tabs and the fields related to Co-Pilot:  Select the option that best suits your organization


Step 2 - Post Installation

Estimated Time/Effort: 20 minutes / Mundane for all of the following steps

  • Once you see the "Installation Complete" message go to the Salesforce App menu (in the upper right navigation), then scroll down to and select "Co-Pilot

Go to the tab labeled "Co Pilot Getting Started";  In order for the Co-Pilot App to work properly, there are two initial steps that you need to complete on this page. Once you are done adding the "Remote Sites" in section one of this page, you will need to make Co Pilot available on the objects of your choice. 

NOTE: Co-Pilot is available out-of-the-box on the following Objects: Leads, Accounts, Cases and Opportunities. If you wish to deploy Co Pilot content to any other Object, follow steps 1-7 found on the lower part of the page on the "Co-Pilot Getting Started" tab. 

If you only plan to use Leads, Accounts, Cases and Opportunities, then you can skip steps 1-7 found on the lower part of the page on the "Co-Pilot Getting Started" tab. 

We need to Create 3 new "Remote Sites" records :  Go to the "Getting Started "Co-Pilot" tab in Salesforce and follow the steps there. Once you're done with getting set up, click here to see examples of how the various "Co-Pilot" content delivery options: Content Delivery Options


Step 2  Deploying Co-Pilot to Accounts, Leads, Cases and Opportunities: Follow these steps

Estimated Time/Effort: 2-4 minutes / Simple

Our Co-Pilot Visualforce Components, including the required buttons and pages are available out of the box on Leads, Accounts, Opportunities and Contacts.

  • Go to the  Accounts Page Layouts  (if  you wish to deliver Co-Pilot Content to Accounts). Click here to see the different Co-Pilot Deliver Options: Content Delivery Options 
  • Click on "Edit Layout"
  • Navigate to the "Visualforce Pages" link (shown below in the red rectangle)

  • Create a New Section by dragging the "Section" button into the very first section above the "Details" section in your page layout
  • Name the new section Co-Pilot (or whatever you wish)
  • Click on the small wrench related to that new section and change the section setting for number of columns to "1"
  • Next, drag the CoPilot Hidden Account and drop it into the new section you just created
  • Click on the small wrench that is related to the CoPilot_Hidden record (see image below)
  • IGNORE Co-Pilot_Button .... there is no need to deploy this one to any object

  • Go to the Visualforce Page Properties pop-up page (as shown below)
  • Change the Height (in pixels) value to "0"

  • Next, drag CoPilot Inline Account and drop it into the new section you just created, just below the CoPilot Hidden file (Do NOT adjust Visualforce Page Properties for Co Pilot Account, Lead, Contact, Opportunities)
  • Navigate to the Page Layout "Buttons" which is several links above "Visualforce Pages"
  • Drag and Drop the Button to the Custom Buttons section on your page (only if you plan to use the "Co-Pilot Help" button to display content)
  • Click on "Save"

** Repeat these steps for each object where you wish to deliver Co-Pilot content Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and Cases all have the required Visualforce pages ready to deploy ** 

if you plan to use Co-Pilot on any custom object go to the "Getting Started "Co-Pilot" tab in Salesforce and follow the Steps at the bottom of the page. After generating the VF code, you need to go to the page layout of your custom object, and deploy the Visualforce Components just as you did above for Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and Cases


Step 4 - Deploying Co-Pilot Sidebar and Home Page Layout Components (for Salesforce Classic Users)

Estimated Time/Effort: 1 minute  / Simple

Once you are done adding all of the Visualforce page to your page layouts follow these steps:

Go to Setup > Customize > Home > Home Page Layout and select these fields to display the following types of Co-Pilots. You need to select 3 Co-Pilot checkboxes:

  • Co-Pilot Home Page
  • Co-Pilot Home Page feed
  • Co-Pilot Help
  • After selecting the components you want to use, click on Next
  • Click on Save

***** Repeat this step for each Home Page Layout where you'd like to display our Co-Pilot Global Content *****