1. This release includes a UI change for how we set up the workflow action "Field Updates". We had to modify exactly how we collected the potential fields to select after a user has defined the "Field to Update". Now, once the user select the exact field that htey want to update, they must first select the object that will servce as the Source for the field update. By introducing this step, we have enabled organizations using dozens of lookup fields and several hundred custom fields per object, to use our Fields Updates. Prior to this change, several of our Enterprise Customers were generating collection errors when we tried to collect all of fields from all of the lookup objects. 
    1. There will be no impact on customers who upgrade to v2.62, other than as follows. If you "Edit" an existing Field Update, you will be forced to reselect the Object for your Source fields, then reselect your source field. Just ave the record and your Workflow Rule will continue run as designed.
    2. If you DO NOT edit your existing FIeld Updates, your Workflow Rule will continue run as designed.