First, it's important that you understand what a Licensed User is:

A licensed user to us, is any one of your Salesforce users who wants/needs to view any of the GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting data that is synchronized from LogMeIn to Salesforce; this means 

  • Attendee Registration details
  • Webinar History on Leads/Contacts
  • Poll Results
  • Q&A Results
  • Survey Results
  • Upcoming GoToMeetings
  • Upcoming GoToWebinars
  • Past GoToMeetings
  • Past GoToWebinars
  • Any/all reports that are generated/available as a result of our integration

NOTE: If you have users who use GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, they only need 1 license, not 2

This is an Enterprise License: Once you in stall this App, all of your SF Users can see the objects if you expose their profile to our objects.  

Cost and Payment Options

  • $400/month per month/company or $4,800/year/company - Enterprise License
    • Enterprise Licenses = all of your Salesforce users in 1 Salesforce Org ID, plus it's related Sandboxes 

More details summary of who needs our license

Licensing is based only on the users who need to access this integration .. As an example, if you have 300 Licensed Salesforce users, but only 20 of those users need to use our GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting Integrated data you only need to subscribe to 20 licenses with CRMGuidance. A user is defined as:

  • Each Webinar Organizer who wants to sync their webinar details into Salesforce (Webinar details = Upcoming/Past Webinars and their related Registrants, Attendees, and Attendee Poll, Survey, Question responses): AND ALSO
  • Any Salesforce user who wants to view GoToWebinar Registration History on Leads and/or Contact, or the list of Upcoming/Past Webinars and their related Registrants, Attendees, or Poll, Survey, Question results, or GoToMeeting History or Invitees, Attendees, etc.

Additional Details for the Admins: 

NOTE: Be sure that when installing our App from the AppExchange, choose the PERMISSIONS option to ALLOW ALL USERS. This does not mean you are licensing all users in your org, it just means that from a security perspective, SF is setting the stage to expose our tabs and the related objects and fields to the users who you assign a license to. Nobody will see these tabs, objects or fields until you add them to the list of users on the Manage Users page. If you overlook this step, and don't assign to All Users, once you've assigned a license to a Profile that has not been granted Profile Permissions, as the Admin, you will have to go to the profile and manually expose all of the components of our app to that profile. 

After you install our App from the AppExchange, the first thing you need to do as the SF Admin is Manage Users