If you're experiencing an issue where our app seems to be changing the value set on Opportunity go to the settings page and manage the default values. First go to the tab labeled "GoToW Setup"

This issue was resolved in December 2017. Please update your version to the latest version. 

Next go to the very first sub tab "Lead Management"

Once you're on this tab, you'll see that there's an option to create Opportunities. If you are converting Leads to Opportunities you can set the "Stage" value on your Opportunities.  Youll also notice that there' an option to update the "Stage" value on existing Opportunities. 

**** Be sure to carefully read through each line on this page to make sure you thoroughly understand what your options are for your Webinar integration settings ***

Next, go to the Opportunities Default" sub tab:

If you are leveraging our "Create an Opportunity" functionality on the Lead Settings page, you may also have other fields on the Opportunity Object that are REQUIRED by default or Conditionally. Use this tab to set those default values.   To make your required fields visible on our Opportunities Default settings tab, follow these directions: Go to “Setup > Customize > Opportunities > Field Set, then add your required fields. 

Be sure to click on "Save" if you are setting values on this page.