First, we can suggest a quick fix to immediately get your Attendee Details loaded into Salesforce. 

  • Go to your Webinars tab, then to Past Webinars
  • Find the Webinar that's not sync'ing
  • Click on the Webinar Title
  • Go to the "Registrants' Sub tab
  • Click on "Get Attendees" button
  • Wait for about 2 minutes, then refresh the page
  • If the Attendee details are there, click on the next button "Create Leads/Contacts ... "

If this doesn't work, go through the following troubleshooting tips:

Make sure that your GoToWebinar Access token has not expired. You can do this by going to the GoToWebinar Users tab, opening your record, then taking a look at the field "# of days Til Expire". Click on the "Renew Access Token" if the token has expired. Then click on "Get Webinars". Repeat this for each set of GoToWebinar credentials that you've stored in Salesforce.

If that does not resolve your issue, then there could be several other reasons that your Webinars and or Registrants are not sync'ing into Salesforce. 

Each of the following reasons assume that you have entered your Webinar Account credentials into your Salseforce Org correctly, or that your Access Token is not expired.

You can validate whether or not you have properly entered your Webinar credentials by going to the GoToWebinar Users tab, opening a user record and making sure the fields on the lower half of the page have all been populated.  See the image below, starting with the field named "Access Token" in the "GoToWebinar Connection Verification" section: 

If the fields in this section are blank, re-enter your Webinar credentials, then Save, then click on "Get/Renew Access Token". After that, click on "Get Webinars". You'll have to wait for up to 20 minutes to start seeing your Webinars. Go to the Webinars tab, then check under the Pat Webinars sub tab: 


The batch process that updates Registrants has not run yet. Check your Webinar Sync" schedule on the the GoToW Setup page:

  1.  "GoToW Setup > Sync Webinar > and verify your sync frequency
  2. Go to Setup > Monitor or Monitoring > Scheduled Jobs (this is where you can see the actually list of scheduled batch jobs


There could be an error that's happening on your Apex Jobs

  • Go to Setup > Monitor or Monitoring > Apex Jobs > then look in the error column and see if the error is related to an Apex Class that's running one of our Batch Processes. 
    • We have 3 batch jobs that you need to look for here. Check to see if any of them are throwing errors. 
      • FetchWebinarBatchJob:Creates Leads/Contacts
      • WebinarsEnrolledBatch: Creates Webinar History on Lead and Contact Object 
      • FetchSingleRegistrantBatch: Creates Poll, Survey and Q&A records    

If you find an error message associated with either of these batch processes, send email to our support team: 

  • Take a screenshot of the error message
  • Send us an email to, 
  • Subject Name: GoToWebinar App: Apex Job Error Message 
  • Grant Login Access to CRMGuidance:            


Usually, the primary reason that we see/hear of Webinars/Registrants not syncing to Salesforce is related to "Simulated Live Webinars" and or "Registrants for Webinar Recordings. (See the LogMeIn Support" response below regarding why these records will not sync to Salesforce in the section labeled ------ Message From LogMeIn Support -----

Message From LogMeIn Support: At this time, we only have Administrative API calls to generate this information. The organizer key used will need to be an administrator on the account in order to make these calls: An alternative route exists, but is less than optimal: you can manually generate a recording link from the Recordings page at to retrieve the webinar recording's key in the URL; this can be used as the webinar key in most of GoToWebinar's calls. Unfortunately, only the admin reporting calls can pull these keys. If you have any additional questions or need further clarification regarding this matter, please feel free to reply directly to this email. For any other product inquiries or technical assistance, please visit us at our Support Center at Our Support Centers include Self Help files and our Customer Care Contact Information.  Thank you,

Michael Craig   |   Technical Support Specialist, Level II 7410 Hollister Ave, Goleta, CA 93117   |  O: +1-805-617-7339 LogMeIn and the GoTo family are now one. Learn more at


You have not "Saved" your Sync Webinar" Settings yet: 

Go to "GoToW Setup > Sync Webinar > then click on "Save"


The missing Webinars are outside of the "Past Webinar" Start/End dates that you set on the GoToWebinar User tab

Check the "Webinar Created Date" From and To fields on the GoToWebinar User tab. The "To; From" dates here are defining the dates of your Past Webinars that we are synchronizing with Salesfroce. Increase the date range to include the Webinars you want to see in Salesforce, then click on "Get Webinars" again to fetch the missing Webinars.


Your webinar just ended. We cannot sync webinars until 20 to 30 minutes after the webinar has ended, becuase LogMeIn does not expose the Attendee details to their API until at least 30 minutes after the webinar has been completed. Wait for 31 minutes, then click on "Get Attendees" from our Webinar. The other option is to increase the Webinar Sync frequency on Webinar Setup Page


Your license may be suspended If your GoToMeeting, or GoToWebinar buttons are no longer visible to your users, it is more than likely that your subscription has been suspended for failed payments/expired credit card. You can look in your "Installed Packages" section (Go to Setup > Installed Packages > SFDC-to-GTM CRMGuidance GTM App) to see if our App is "Active" or "Suspended

If your subscription status is suspended, you must make a payment by doing the following:

  • Go to
  • Login, using your standard Salesforce credentials
  • Go to the drop down menu in the upper right navigation
  • Click on Subscriptions and Installations
  • Go to SFDC to GTM
  • Manage Subscription
  • Update payment/credit card details
  • Send an email to, advising us that your cc info has been updated


Something has changed with LogMeIn. 

To resolve this issue, you should be able to just upgrade to our latest version. Check the version of our App you are using and update your version ASAP. When checking on your version, make sure your license is "ACTIVE" and has not been suspended:  Go to Setup > Installed Packages  > SFDC to GTM  CRMGuidance GTM App

Once here do the following:

  • Check to see that your version is 3.10 or greater
  • Check to see that your Subscription is "Active" and is not Suspended

If you are not on version 3.40 or earlier, please do the following:

  • Go to
  • Login, using your standard Salesforce credentials
  • Go to the drop down menu in the upper right navigation
  • Click on Subscriptions and Installations
  • Go to SFDC to GTM
  • Manage Subscription
  • Click on Update Available
  • For the Security Setting Select "All Users"
  • Have each user go to the GTW User tab
  • Go to their Credential Record
  • Click on the "Refresh Token" button
  • Click on "Refresh Webinars"