There are two layers of Account/Contact matching on our Auto Convert

  • Level 1: We are leveraging the out of the box matching that Salesforce provides. That is, if the name is identical or very similar, we will consider it a match
  • Level 2: We give you the option of matching Leads to Accounts based on the web domain found on the Account field "website" and the Lead Email Address domain
    • If the Lead "Email Address" domain matches the "Account Website" domain, we will consider this a match, then update that Account on Convert, even if the company name to account name aer not identical matches
      • On the tab 'Auto Convert Settings" If you set the Create New Account or Match?" to Attach to Existing Account" and the Email Domain matches the Web site domain, our App will consider the Lead and Acocunt a match even if the Company Name is not an identical match

At this time we do NOT deploy fuzzy logic on the Account Name matches