Once you've clicked on Get It Now and you've arrived to the page titled Install/Upgrade GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar Integration select the Install for All Users radio button to set the initial Security access levels. 

Click here to see most of this in video, if you prefer video/audio

NOTE: This application is functional in Classic and in Lightning, although there are several items that are available in Classic, but not in Lightning. We will do our best to highlight what is NOT working in Lightning, as we walk you through the setup steps. 

Be sure that when installing our App from the AppExchange, choose the PERMISSIONS option to ALLOW ALL USERS. This does not mean you are licensing all users in your org, it just means that from a security perspective, SF is setting the stage to expose our tabs and the related objects and fields to your users. Nobody will see these tabs, objects or fields until you add them to the list of users on the Manage Users page.

After you install our App from the AppExchange, the first thing you need to do as the SF Admin is set your profile permissions. Go to Setup > Profiles, and set your active profiles as follows: 

Recommended Profile Settings for GoToWebinar access for the following Objects

  • GoToW Set-up
    • Read Only for all Profiles, except for the System Admin
    • Tabs: Hide this Tab from all Profiles except System Admin
  • GoToWebinar Users
    • Read, Write, Edit Only for All Profiles, including System Admin
    • Tabs: Visible to All Profiles
  • GoToWebinars
    • Read Only for All Profiles
    • Tabs: Visible to All Profiles

  • Webinars History
    • Read Only for all Profiles
    • Tabs: There is no Tab

  • Webinars (This Object is only being used for reporting)
    • Read Only for all Profiles
    • Tabs: Hide this Tab from All Profiles 
  • Attendee Answers  (This Object is only being used for reporting)
    • Read Only for all Profiles
    • Tabs: There is no Tab
  • Webinar Registrants  (This Object is only being used for reporting)
    • Read Only for all Profiles
    • Tabs: There is no Tab
  • Webinar Sessions  (This Object is only being used for reporting)
    • Read Only for System Admin, Invisible to all other Profiles
    • Tabs: There is no Tab
  • Lead Object Fields
    • Webinar Score - Read Only **

** In order to aggregate a Webinar Score to the Lead Object, you must assign values to Registering and Attending on your Custom Settings. Go to Setup > Custom Settings > Webinar Score > Manage > Edit > then input your values ( Go to this page for more details regarding Webinar Score Instructions )

Next, these are a list of additional fields that we've created and included for this package on the Lead Object (we've also added "Webinar Score" listed above)

Label Name            
Implementation Time Frame
Number of Employees
Number of Locations
Number(3, 0)
Purchasing Time Frame
Questions & Comments
Long Text Area(131072)
Registrant Key
Role in Purchase Process

NOTE: You may want to map Webinar Score from Lead to Contacts when setting up your Lead page. 

If you want to map these values to Accounts, Contacts or Opportunities, then you need to create these fields on your choice of objects, then go to Lead Mapping to map the fields according to however you wish. NOTE: The field type and size must be identical to the above in order to successfully map each field.

Note: the field named "Questions & Comments" is for any customer fields that you've added to your GoToWebinar form. All of your values form your custom fields will be stored in this one field. If you wish to store the individual answers/response in it's own custom field, your Salesforce Developer (or someone from our team will do it for a $fee) must write a trigger or use the Process Builder to fetch the response and place it in your custom field.

To see the setup tabs, go to the Salesforce App drop-down menu (next to HELP in the upper right navigation) and select GoToWebinar. Once you've selected GoToWebinar you will see the GoToWebinar setup tabs:

Add our Webinar History Object to Lead and Contact page layouts. Go to Setup > Customize > Leads > Page Layouts

  • Click on "Edit Page Layout of Lead and or Contact
  • Go to the Related List area and add the related list "Webinar History" to the related list page layout
  • Once you've added this related list, click on the wrench to organize your related list columns and to remove an unnecessary button

To set the visible columns on the related list view of "Webinar History", do the following on Lead Object and then on the Contact Object:

  • Modify the columns so that only the following fields are visible, and place in this order:
    • Attended
    • Webinar Title
    • My Webinar Responses
    • Webinar Integration Status
    • Registration Score 
    • Attendance Score
    • Start Date
    • End Date

Select Sort By: Attended or Date (it's your choice)  > Descending  > O

  • Scroll down to the "Buttons" section and expand that section by clicking on the "+"
  • Deselect the checkbox field "New" (as shown below)
  • Click on Save  

  • Remain in the "Edit" page layout mode
  • Go to top section and click on the "Buttons" link

  • Drag and Drop the "Register This Lead to a Webinar" and the "Invite This Lead to a Webinar" button, into the "Custom Buttons" position
  • Quick Save

 Stay in the Lead page layouts "edit" mode to add these hyperlink link fields to your page layout: 

The following 3 fields (are not supported in Lightning, do not add them to your page layout) are links that will give your users access to the full history of QA, Poll Responses and Survey Responses in the context of the Lead/Contact record that your own when you click on the corresponding link:

  1. All Q&A Responses for This Lead 
  2. All Survey Responses for This Lead 
  3. All Poll Responses for This Lead

 Repeat these exact steps on the Contact page layout

NOTE: Adding this button to your page layouts will enable your users to Invite or Register your Leads and Contacts to a Webinar from within Salesforce. Upon Registering or Inviting adding a Lead or Contact, the contact info will 

  1. Sync directly to GoToWebinar (Only when registering)
  2. Send an invitation to "Register" to the Lead/Contact (for the Invitations)
  3. Update Webinar History Object (Only for Registrants)
  4. Create a Completed Activity on the Activity History Related List (For Invitations and for Registrants)

Your team will also have the ability to "BULK" Register and or Invite Lead and Contact records to your Webinars via custom list views. But first, you must add our custom buttons 'Registrant Multiple Leads or Contacts to a Webinar" and "Invite Multiple Leads or Contacts to a Webinar" button to your List Views. Use these instructions to add our button:

Go to Setup > Leads >  Search Layouts > Leads List Views > Edit > Add our buttons as "Selected Buttons" > Save

Note: If you are not using "Invite to GoToMeeting also, then do not select Invite to GoToMeeting when adding as a "Selected Button"

Repeat the above steps on the Contacts Object to add our buttons to your Contact List View

Next, add custom fields to the Lead and Contact Object

These fields are tied to standard salesforce reports to show individual GoToWebinar responses in context of the record you're on. From the Lead and Contact Page Layouts, add the following fields to your page layout:

  • All Q&A Responses for This Lead All Survey Responses for This Lead All Poll Responses for This Lead

Go to Lead Mapping and map the following two fields from the Lead Object to the Contact Object:

  1. Registrant Key
  2. GoToWebinar Custom Questions

Connect your GoToWebinar Accounts to your Salesforce Account

  • The System Admin or the GoToWebinar Organizer should go to the tab "GoToWebinar Users" to add the GoToWebinar credentials to Salesforce

    • Each user with GoToWebinar credentials must follow these steps

      • Click on New

      • Enter a value for the field labeled "Host"  (does not have to match the users actual name; i.e. Mike Freelander, Support Team, Marketing Group

      • Enter GoToWebinar Username

      • Enter GoToWebinar Password

      • For the field labled "Webinars Created Date: From" - enter the date range for what existing Webinars you wish to sync with Salesforce. If you have hundreds to thousands, narrow the date range, as you LogMeIn has API limits which could prevent you from capturing all of your old Webinars
      • For the field labeled "Webinars Created Date: To" enter the date range for what existing Webinars you wish to sync with Salesforce. If you have hundreds to thousands, narrow the date range, as you LogMeIn has API limits which could prevent you from capturing all of your old Webinars
    • Click on Save
    • Click on the button labeled "Renew Access Token"
    • Click on the button "Get Webinars"
    • NOTE: It will take up to 10 minutes to start seeing your webinars in Salesforce. To see webinars, go to the tab labeled GoToWebinars (notice there are sub tabs for Upcoming and Past Webinars)
    • NOTE: You can monitor the processes that bring your webinars and their related details into Salesforce by going to Setup > Monitoring > Apex Jobs
      • Create a new List View, (this is so that you can focus only on the batch processes that run the GoToWebinar Integration)
      • On the first filter, set the name to "GoToWebinar Integration
      • On the filters, select the field name Apex Class 
      • Select the Operator value "EQUALS"
      • Insert each the following values separated by a comma: FetchWebinarBatchJob, UpdateRegistrantsPolls, FetchSessionListBatchJob 
      • Check the Column name "Status" once either of our batches reflect a status of "Completed" you should start seeing data
      • If your Status = "Failed" please copy paste the Error message to an email or take a screenshot and send that to our support email address

GoToWebinar Integration can create Campaigns, Leads and Contacts and add your Leads or Contacts to the related Campaign

To Create Campaigns, Leads, Contacts go to the GoToW Setup Tab

Use this configuration as your default Lead Management set up if you would like to Create New Campaigns and Create/Update Leads

NOTE: we only use the email address located in the standard Salesforce email field on Contacts and Leads to identify any record as a match. We do not use the Lead or Contact name fields, nor do we use fuzzy logic. If the email address is exactly the same for a Registrant and a Lead or Contact, then to use, that is a match .. if the email address is not an EXACT match, then we do not consider it a match for the Registrant vs the Contact or Lead. 

Creating Leads or Contacts (and/or Accounts and Opportunities )

Go to the "Lead Management Sub tab" on the GoToW Setup page

Here you'll notice a number of configuration options that you MUST complete in able to begin synchronizing your Registrant and Attendee info with Salesforce. Go through each tab to configure as desired. 

NOTE: By default, if we are creating a new Lead record, we will automatically update only the following Lead fields:

  1. First Name (mapped from the first name value on the registration page)
  2. Last Name (mapped from the last name value on the registration page)
  3. Email Address (mapped from the email address value on the registration page)
  4. Company Name (we use the domain name in the registrants email address to update the Company field on Leads


  1. Your Salesforce configuration may require values to be entered on additional fields in order to create and save a new lead record. 
  2. We ONLY use the email address to validate records. The full address must be an exact match. We do not create duplicates Leads or Contacts where email address is an exact match. 

The following sample configuration will create new Leads if the email address is not an exact match. If there is an exact match, our GoToWebinar integration will only update the "Webinar History for that existing Lead

Use the following configuration if to create a new "Contact" if/when the Account already exists (instead of creating a new lead)

If your Campaign Management fields "Create a New Campaign" and Add Registrants to a Campaign" are grayed out it's because you do not have an Enterprise License is the license which gives access to Unlimited Users in your Salesforce Account, OR your company has "All Users" in your Salesforce licensed to use this App. For example, if you have 8, or 20 or 50 users in Salesforce, then all 8, or 20 or 50 of those users must be licensed to use this App. 

Contact us at support@crmguidance.com to request an enterprise license and the key to "Enable" Campaigns for this integration. 

Mapping your GoToWebinar Registrant Form Fields

If you are using GoToWebinar custom fields for your Webinar Registrants, select the "Map all registrant values" checkbox on the Lead Management "Lead Mapping" section:

Configuring the other Sub Tabs found on "GoToW Setup

  • Go to the next GoToW Setup sub tab "Set Defaults" for Leads"
  • Add your "Required Fields" to the Leads Field Sets: Go to Setup > Leads > Field Sets > Default > Click on "Edit" (Repeat this step for Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities

  • If our GoToWebinar App is creating Leads then there could be "required fields" on your Lead Object, that we must set values for upon Lead creation. Please review your current lead page layouts and make note of all required fields. You need to add all "Required Lead fields" to our Defaults field set setting page. To do this, follow these steps:  “Setup > Customize > Leads > Field Set, then add all required fields or any other fields that wish to appear here for the purpose of setting your default values when GTW creates an “Leads” record. Click Save, then return to GotoW Setup sub tab "Set Defaults" for Leads"

  • Go to each field that appears on the Default and set the default values.

  • NOTE: Go to Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities, and make note of each field name that is required by page layout and or validation rule. You must add any field that is Required (either by validation rule or page layout) to the corresponding field sets. 

  • Go to the next "Set Defaults" for Accounts"
  • Add your "Required Fields" to the Account Field Sets by using the following steps: 
  • Go to Setup > Accounts > Field Sets > Default > Click on "Edit"

  • Go to the next "Set Defaults" for Contacts"
  • Add your "Required Fields" to the Account Field Sets by using the following steps: 
  • Go to Setup > Contcts > Field Sets > Default > Click on "Edit"

  • Go to the next "Set Defaults" for Opportunities"
  • Add your "Required Fields" to the Account Field Sets by using the following steps: 
  • Go to Setup > Opportunities > Field Sets > Default > Click on "Edit"
  • On the Opportunity you must also insert a value to the field we've added named "Set Close Date to Today() + n Days. Insert a value here, even if we are not creating opportunities. 

Creating Campaigns

  • If you wish to Create a Campaign for each Webinar Title and to 'Create A New Lead for each Webinar Registrant, then you only need to select values accordingly in the section titled "Lead Management for Webinar Registrants"
  • If we are creating Campaigns and adding Leads/Contacts to Campaign, GTW Integration will update the "Status" field on the Campaign Member object to Registered and Attended, based on the Lead/Contact record being added as a Registrant and Attending your webinar

        When records are added to campaigns, we will set the member 'Status" to Attended or Registered accordingly

Be sure to click on Save once you are done configuring this page

Preview of Campaign Member status: Our GoToWebinar App has added "Registered" and "Attended" values to your Campaign Member field named "Status" 

IMPORTANT No users will see this App, until after you have added them to the Licensed User section <See those instructions next>

  • After the installation is complete, Go to Setup > Installed Packages > GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar Integration > Manage Licenses 

Selected the users you wish to have access to this GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar Integration