1. What is content?
    1. Content can be anything comprised of text and images that you'd like to deliver to your us

    • Tips on “How to Use Salesforce”. Can be text, urls, images or text and images. 
      • User guide for "What to do next"  … on any Salesforce record
      • Call Scripts/Questions to poll the customer
      • Ad-hoc Promotions or Incentives
      • Ad-hoc Emergency Responses
      • An image of a simple  or complex Process Flow
      • Important "Memos" .. ie. "This customer is past due"; or "Customer qualifies for and upgrade"
      • Explicit Instructions for VIP Customers or how to implement a step in your customer or product support department
      • Ad-hoc message for specific Customers or Customer Types (Alert for Discount incentive, "Critical" Case" is open,etc.)
      • Any image, any diagram
      • Introduction and or instruction to new Salesforce functionality 
      • Standing Operating Procedures that apply to the Case or any specific record condition
      • Alert for Community User "Missing information"
      • NOTE: As of February 2017, content CAN NOT be audio files. You can however provide links to YouTube or other web based locations containing audio and video. 
  2. Does content come out of the box? 
    1. No. There is no Out-of-the-box" content that comes with the Co-Pilot. However, we can provide you with some of the training materials that we often use for teaching new Salesforce users. It will be your responsibility to convert our training materials into your own Co-Pilot Content. Usually, this is as simple and just copying and pasting the content into a Co-Pilot record. 
  3. Do we have to create our own content
    1. Yes. Just create it in a word document, then copy and paste it to the Content section of your new Co-Pilot record.