1. Go to Setup > Develop > Custom Settings > Click on “Manage” > click on “New” then enter this exact phrase “Workflow Global Setting”, then click on “Save”. Next

Be sure that on your Custom Settings you do not have ALL checkboxes selected per Workflow Action. For each Workflow Action (Email Template, Task, Field Update) you will have an option to display "Picklist" or "Auto Complete'. On the settings page you cannot select both picklist and "Auto Complete" per Workflow Action. You must select 1 or the other. For instance, you must select:

New Record Auto Complete OR New Record Picklist
Field Update Auto Complete OR Field Update Picklist
Email Template Auto Complete OR Email Template Picklist

* We recommend you select "Auto Complete" if you have more than 200 email templates, and you select the Email Template Auto Complete. 

** If you have more than 200 fields on an Object, you should select Field Update Auto Complete.

Next, go to the Salesforce App Menu in the upper right navigation, then click on "Workflow"

Next, go to the tab “Schedule Workflow”, then to activate the Workflow scheduler, select the button "Schedule Workflow"

At any time, if you decide that you need to stop all workflows, you can return to this page and select “Stop Workflow”. This activates the batch processes that will begin running every 30 minutes, at the top and the bottom of the hour. 12:00, 12:30, 1:00, 1:30, etc.

USe the "customer my tabs to hide the tabs "Workflow Settings" and "Workflow Actions"

Workflow Setup Section on the "Schedule Workflow Tab

There are a few areas within Salesforce for which we have little to no control over. One of those areas is in the drop down menu for selecting the Object you’d like to “Create a New Record”. By default there are literally dozens of Objects (many of them with no use to you) that will appear in your drop down list when you arrive to the step to define your “Create a New Record” values. To prevent you from seeing every single available object during this process, from the set up tab select ONLY the Objects you do NOT wish to see in your “Create a New Record” drop down menu. Click “Save”. You don't have to select these now, but once you start using the "Create A New Record" functionality, you'll see how this page can come in handy.