1. Fixed the "Opportunity Default" function on the GoToW Setup page - it is no longer required that you define default values on the "Set Defaults on Opportunity" sub tab
  2. Removed the sub tab "Set Defaults on Opportunity"
  3. Removed the "Set Defaults on Accounts"
  4. Fixed the "Registrant This Contact to a Webinar" button (on Contact Detail and Contact List View)
  5. Fixed the "Registrant This Lead to a Webinar" button (on Lead Detail and Lead List View)
  6.  Added new button to the Account object: View All Related Contacts Webinar Responses (fetches QA, Poll and Survey Results for all Contacts, across alL Webinars

  7. Added the "Logged In" and "Logged Out" timestamps to the GoToWebinars "Registrant" page

  8. Added the following new button on Leads Detail page:  Invite This Lead To a Webinar

  9. Added the following new button on Lead List View  page: Invite Multiple Leads To a Webinar

  10. Added the following new button on Contact Detail  Invite This Contact To a Webinar

  11. Added the following new button on Contact List View page:  Invite Multiple Contacts To a Webinar

  12. Created new VF Email Template to support the new button "Invite to Webinar"

  13. Added an Inline VF page "Webinar History" to the Account Object

  14. Added the following new values to the GoToWebinar page: 

    1. Average Attentiveness 

    2. Registration Link Clicked Count 

    3. Registration Email Opened Count 

    4. Average Interest Rating

  15. Fixed the "Poll" and "Survey" Results on the Webinar page. Duplicate values were being inserted

  16. Changed the name on GoToWebinar details section from "# of Survey Responses" to "# of Survey Respondents", and fixed the output

  17. Added multiple new out of the box Salesforce Reports to the "GoToWebinar" Reports folder