You can now aggregate Webinar Scoring on the Lead Object by establishing a single value for Webinar Registrations and Webinar Attendance. To establish one sing value for Registering and one value for Attending a Webinar. To set your default values for scoring, follow these steps:

Go to Setup > Develop > Custom Settings

Look for the word Manage next to the label "Webinar Score" > click on Manage > Then click on "Edit" and enter your values

By setting values here you are defining a default value only for when a Lead Registers and or Attends a Webinar. 

  • All registrations will have the same default value
  • All attendance will have the same default value  

It is possible to add custom the webinars of your choice, above and beyond the default values. You can do this by writing workflow rules on our Webinar History Object. For example, let's say that your company wants to add additional value for all "Demo" Webinars. 

  1. For this example, we could use Webinar Title "Contains "Demo" as the only criteria for adding additional value for Registering for a demo
    1. For Attending Webinars, we could use Webinar Title and the "Attended" field for the only criteria  
      1. i.e. Webinar Title" contains "Demo" AND "Attended" = True

Since we want to increase the value for registering for our Demo Webinars we can say, if the Webinar Title contains the word "Demo" (we can also include multiple other phrase such as "Demonstration" or "Product Demo") lets add 5 more points to the Webinar Score for Registering and 10 more if they Attend a Demo. To do this, we will Create a "Field Update" to the field named "Custom Registration Score". Your field update for increasing the score for ATTENDING a demo will be on the field named "Custom Attendance Score" 

Next, create a "Field Update" for your Workflow Action.