Here is how to resolve this issue. 

This is what you're seeing right? Under the "Past Webinars" page there are "0" Attendees. 

If you know for a fact that your Webinar launched and there were attendees, what happened was this ... The Organizer of this Webinar most likely did not "End" the Webinar at it's scheduled time. As a result, when our App went to sync the Webinars Attendees back to Salesforce, the message we received from the LogMeIn Servers was "No Attendees". The Reason? The LogMeIn API will not feed us the Attendance details if the Webinar "Session" is still open and running. 

Here is how you can fix this within the next 3 minutes: (start your timer)

  • Go to the end of your tabs and click on the +
  • Find the our tab named "Webinars" 
  • Launch that "Webinars" link

  • Find the Webinar titles that are displaying "0" Attendees (but you know there were Attendees)
  • Open each these Webinars or create a list view that displays these Webinars plus the field named "Attendees Fetched?"
  • "Edit Page Layout" or edit your List View to display the field named "Attendees Fetched?" 

  • On each of your target records, set the value on this field to "False" (meaning you need to uncheck this field) and then click on the "Refresh" button next to "New Webinar"
  • After you've clicked on "Refresh", go to the GoToWebinar User tab 
  • Open your record that holds the credentials to your GoToWebinar Account
  • Click on the "Get Webinars" button

  • Give it about 2 minutes, then go back and check on these Webinars to see if these webinar attendance details have updated on the "Past Webinars" tab